NutriMe Weight Management

NutriMe Weight Management - NutriMe WM 1 hónap 25.600.- Ft25 600 Ft
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NutriMe Weight Management

Composition based on the recipe of your genes

 Under consideration of the analysis of genes responsible for your individual fat and carbohydrate sensitivity, NutriMe Weight Management is custom-tailored to suit your genetic profile. Simply ingest a pouch with a glass of water to activate the relevant ingredients for the consumed meal. Depending on the genetic profile, different amounts of the two active ingredients are recommended:

NutriMe Fat-X

This ingredient is packaged in small pellets, mixes with the meal inside the stomach and unfolds its action in the stomach as well as the intestine. The substance is called Chitosan, obtained from the shellfish shell and has the ability to bind fats from foods. Studies have shown that eating this ingredient with a meal has an effect on fat absorption by the gut. If Chitosan is taken in combination with a high-fat meal, this has a positive influence on maintaining regular blood lipid levels (LDL cholesterol) (Health claim).

NutriMe Carb-X

Carbohydrates are stored in seeds (especially in white beans) in the form of starch, i.e. long-chained constructs akin to a pearl-necklace. A specific enzyme – alpha-amylase – is responsible for breaking down starch into small metabolizable carbohydrates. This break-down process can be hindered by a substance called Phaseolamin, which is especially common in white beans. This substance binds and blocks the enzyme and prevents the starch/carbohydrates from being digested by the enzyme.

Mixture according to the genes

Depending on the genetic characteristics, a specific ratio of NutriMe Fat-X and Carb-X is recommended to be taken along with meals. Your composition will be individually mixed for you, packaged and tagged with your name on each daily pouch.

How to ingest?

It is recommended to take NutriMe Weight Management before each lunch and dinner. The supplements can be taken during a weight-loss diet as well as during the stability phase. It is noteworthy that the active ingredients always remain inside the intestine and are not absorbed into the bloodstream.

  • Made from natural ingredients
  • Tested free of heavy metals and bacteriologically tested
  • Production in Austria
  • ISO9001 Quality assurance of the company
  • May contain traces of shellfish allergens and thus be unsuitable for allergic people
  • The product is made from shellfish and is therefore not suitable for vegetarians and vegans

INFO: Cholesterol value stabilization is an admissible health claim. The other aspects do not promise to be effective, but are merely descriptive.

Genetic analysis is required

To order NutriMe Weight Management, we must first analyze your genes, which enables us to compile your custom mix for weight loss. The genetic analysis is available in DNAnutriControl program under Weight Sensor.


If you already have a genetic analysis carried out, you can simply order here in the Shop .

NutriMe Weight Management is available for:

  • 1 Month
  • 2 Months
  • 3 Months



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