Procedure of a genetic analyis

Step 1)

Your doctor will clarify to you the scope and benefits of genetic testing, and all the relevant aspects of the genetic analysis.

Step 2)

As a next step, you have to sign a consent form; no genetic testing is carried out in our laboratory without your consent.

Step 3)

Next, a saliva sample must be taken. This sample can be easily collected with a cotton swab and sent to our laboratory by mail. Each analyses requires 3 samples, so that we can repeat the analyze twice, in case the quality of the probe is not optimal. The appropriate sample sets are available for our partner doctors.

Step 4)

The sample is then sent for evaluation to our Novogenia certified human genetics laboratory. Here, the DNA is extracted from your saliva, by means of an automated process, and the desired gene segments are examined. To ensure the best accuracy, different genes are analyzed in different laboratory units, with the most appropriate technology.

Step 5)

Our scientists evaluate the results and create the appropriate prevention programs, which are then sent to your doctor as printed version by post or made available as a PDF file on a secure server.

Step 6)

As a last step, your doctor will clarify the results to you. He will also help you understand what you have to do for following the program.



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