Physician provision

Genosense adheres to the following believe: medical genetic testing cannot and should not be carried out without the cooperation of a doctor. Only in this way, can we ensure the proper medical care and the optimal results of a genetic analysis.

Information for Physicians

Offer your patients the next generation of disease prevention care, and expand the range of services offered by you.

Genetic testing for your patients’ preventive health care

As the personal advice of a qualified physician is very important for genetic analysis, all GenoSense analyzes are conducted exclusively in collaboration with medical practitioners. In this way, patients benefit from the competent support of an expert, who additionally knows their medical and family history, and may initiate the action and monitor the entire process.

Required training for diagnostic genetic testing

According to the Genetic Engineering Act, any doctor or physician may request diagnostic genetic analyses.

Required training for predictive genetic testing

According to the Genetic Engineering Act, a doctor or physician may request predictive genetic analyses only in his corresponding field.

Fast and easy

Here is a brief description of how the process should work in your practice:

  • Please contact us by phone or via e-mail ( to Contact Form ) and get some non-binding information and free samples sets.
  • A patient is interested in the service, and would like a genetic analysis. Open the sample set, fill in the forms, and answer the individual questions, together with the patient. Clarify the nature, significance and implications of genetic testing. Your genetic counseling is supported by the information included in the set.
  • Discuss every single point with your patient, or let him read the document independently, and be prepared to answer to his questions.
  • Have the patient sign the consent form, and collect the saliva sample.
  • Send the saliva sample along with the form to our lab. After the analysis are performed, you will receive by mail a clear summary of the results, and an easy-to-understand health report, as well as a video for the patient, with counseling material. Based on these, you can discuss possible ambiguities with the patient, as part of the genetic counseling sessions.

If you have any questions or suggestions during the process, Genosense Diagnostics team is always available.



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