Physician provision

Genosense adheres to the following believe: medical genetic testing cannot and should not be carried out without the cooperation of a doctor. Only in this way, can we ensure the proper medical care and the optimal results of a genetic analysis.

Information for Patients

Genosense products by may only be acquired in co-operation with your doctor. This allows you to benefit from competent support from an expert who knows you and your medical history.

Qualified supervision by your doctor

For effective preventive genetic analysis, you need personal assistance from a professional who knows you, and your medical history, and as such help you understand the entire process.

This is why all Genosense genetic tests are conducted exclusively in collaboration with your doctor. Your doctor will clarify to you from the very beginning every question you may have about the genetic testing and the disease, and will help you during sampling. He will then take care of transporting the sample, and will inform you when he receives the results.

(Before the genetic sample arrives at our laboratory for analyses, a doctor has to clarify to you all the aspects relevant to a genetic analyses, conforming to the law (§ 10 paragraph 2 GenDG)).

In a subsequent meeting with your doctor, he will inform you about the results and the recommended action program. In addition, you will receive an easy-to-understand written report containing the results and recommendations.

Your doctor or Genosense will be happy to assist with any further questions.

Inform your doctor

Genosense operates in a new field of medicine, and thus it is possible that your doctor is not yet informed regarding our services.

Inform him about Genosense and start your genetic health care program with his help.
Simply contact us to receive a sample set and further information, that you can then use to inform your doctor of the prevention program you would like to start with him.

Our stuff will gladly inform you and your physician about the possibilities of our genetic testing and supplements. We look forward to your call! to Contact Form



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