Physician provision

Genosense adheres to the following believe: medical genetic testing cannot and should not be carried out without the cooperation of a doctor. Only in this way, can we ensure the proper medical care and the optimal results of a genetic analysis.

Genetic diagnostics law

The Genetic Diagnostics Act

Germany, Austria and Switzerland have very strict laws which prescribe the procedure of genetic testing.

A detailed explanation of the nature, scope and significance of the analysis is required before beginning the test (DE-GenDG § 9). After the patient signs a document showing that he understands and agrees with the test, a sample is taken, and an appropriately trained doctor performs the genetic analyze (GenDG § 10 para 2). After the analysis is performed, a detailed consultation with the patient will be again conducted, to inform him about the findings and clarify them.

Genosense follows, of course, all these regulations; even when these analyses are carried out by a doctor who is only a GenoSense partner, we ensure that all the necessary steps are performed in accordance with the relevant laws.

If you order this analysis yourself, you will receive from us a doctor form, together with the sample set. Your doctor must sign this form, and send it back to our laboratory. Your doctor, using extensive information materials, will also conduct the genetic counseling, both before and after the analysis.



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