Genetic testing reports for children

Recommendations for disease risk analyses in children

Everyone is already born with genetic disease risks that affect him/her throughout his/her life. It is therefore in principle possible to determine the risk for diseases that would only become relevant at a high age (such as Alzheimer’s disease) in new born babies. While it is legally permissible for parents to request such an analysis for their children, we do not recommend testing for disease risks, that the child still has the opportunity to be tested for when he/she turns 18.

Weight Management testing for children – what we CAN NOT do

Obesity is a growing health concern and it also affects many children. As a consequence, we do approve of weight management testing for children, but some aspects of applying a genetic program are significantly different in children’s reports. As the metabolic rate and nutrient requirements of children change very rapidly over the years, we do not offer calorie specific information or amount-based menus. The numbers in such menus would already be out of date 6 months later and the risk of malnutrition would be significant. As a consequence our reports for children below the age of 11 do not contain such details such as: kcal calculations (like daily calorie requirement; number of kcal to burn through daily exercise), the calculated ideal weight, the menu suggestions, the menu portal login details, the exercise tables and the article system. These calculations are not sensible or possible for children of this age.

Weight Management testing for children – what we CAN do

There is, however, great potential in bringing up your child to prefer food types that pose no problem for obesity and are also healthy for preventing diseases later in life. As a consequence, our weight management programs do give full insight into the genetic programming of a child, the best strategy for weight loss and general recommendations for leading a healthy lifestyle. The report also includes the full food list where every type of food is evaluated by its (genetic) potential for weight gain, which allows parents to choose the right types of food for their child. This “Red and green bars” approach of evaluating food types is also the most popular way of changing your nutrition for weight loss in adults.

Nutrigenetic testing for children

Nutrigenetic evaluation of food types for children also has great potential in shaping a child’s future life. We therefore also offer nutrigenetic evaluation of the full food list for a child of any age. The vitamin recommendations are also included in children reports, but the amounts are capped at various ages to ensure that the ingested amount remains within the safe limits. Please be aware, that any children report will have vitamin recommendation that are only valid at the time of printing the report and for at most 1 year. The next year the vitamin requirements will already change significantly, which needs to be considered in the child’s nutrition. Our NutriMe Complete supplements do take this into account when being ordered, but the report will be out of date rapidly.

Optional reprint when reaching 18 years of age

To ensure that the children do not miss out on the recipe options when they grow up, we offer the option of reprints at any ages. Contact us for the cost of a reprint with the new variables.



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