Become a partner

Become a partner

Become Genosense partner physician!

The genetic analysis of Genosense can only be contracted through selected doctor partners, are not sold directly to the consumers. Become our partner and offer your customers the progressive possibilities of genetic diagnostics, which include preventing diseases, effectively losing weight and overall, living a healthier life.


  1. Please contact us with any partner-inquiry Contact form or by phone
  2. Our staff will explain in detail our partnership policy.
  3. We will send you a wealth of information, advertising materials and samples sets via e-mail and post.
  4. Send us your logo and we integrate it (optional and free of charge) in all of your reports.
  5. Send us requests for changes to your program, which we then implement (optional and free of charge).
  6. If you need roll-ups or posters, you can obtain them from us for the cost of the materials.
  7. You sell the program and send the sample set with the completed form.
  8. We analyze the genes, create the analysis report of your patient and send it as a high quality booklet by post or via e-mail as a PDF, to the desired address.
  9. The follow-up are up to you, you advise your patients and explain the program to them.
  10. Depending on your wishes, we directly charge your patients or send you the invoice for the analysis performed..
  11. If your patient backorders NutriMe via the DNAnutriControl website, you will still receive the finder’s fee from us.


What happens when a customer contacts us directly?

When a customer registers we ask for the address and we search for the nearest partner. The customer is then forwarded to this partner. So if you advertise and as a consequence a customer contacts us, they will be sent to you. You may also be forwarded clients who found us on the Internet.

What happens if a customer has specific questions you cannot answer?

No problem, in such cases our experts are available via e-mail or phone as long as needed, until the issues have been resolved.



+36 70 984 9001


DNA-Plusz Hungary Kft.
1051 Budapest
Hercegprímás utca 13.


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