Genetic screening

Out genes contain ample information about the risk of disease and treatment success that will allow your doctor a timely intervention for disease prevention or treatment optimization for an existing disease.


All steps in the laboratory of Genosense are fully automated to avoid human error and to shorten the analysis’ time.


Samples are made anonymous immediately after receiving them, in order to increase data security even further. Personal data are stored separately of the genetic data on a secure server.


Genosense Diagnostics is a pioneer of preventive genetic diagnostics and allows physicians and patients to use genetic information for disease prevention since 2001.


Genosense Diagnostics is a pioneer of preventive genetic diagnostics and allows physicians and patients to use genetic information for disease prevention since 2001.It is estimated that every person carries about 2,000 genetic variations which adversely affect its genes. Genosense allows you to find out how you can counteract this through your lifestyle.


About one in 20 people is genetically predisposed to thrombosis and has an 8-times greater risk of developing a stroke or a heart attack. Simple precautions help to protect against thrombosis.


Genetic variations may accelerate the decline of bone density. In this case, specific precautions are necessary to counteract the genetic predisposition.

Titanium implant loss

Titan is an unreactive material and is therefore often used for dental implants. The risk of premature loss is about 60% with unfavorable genetic predisposition, in which case an alternative material should be used.

Breast cancer

The most common form of cancer for women is strongly influenced by genetic variations. A genetic analyze will assess the risk; in the case there is a predisposition to this disease, a genetically optimize therapy will significantly reduce the risk.

Weight control

Approximately 80% of the overweight cases are genetic, i.e., depending on the genes. A genetic analysis allows you to find out what nutrients lead to obesity in your particular case, and how to effectively lose weight.

Macular Degeneration

One of the most common causes of blindness in the Western world is macular degeneration. Genetic variations increase the risk, and effective and timely prevention measures can inhibit the development of the disease.

Cardiovascular diseases

Genes controlling the regulation of blood lipids, can also increase homocysteine levels. Through a genetic analysis, you can find out what your risk is, and how to best prevent these diseases.

Lactose Intolerance

Lactose intolerance is the most common genetic food intolerance in Europe. With age, the production of the enzymes necessary for the digestion of lactose is gradually turned off, due to a genetic variation.


Treatment options, such as hormone replacement therapy, alleviate the symptoms of menopause. Such therapy has many advantages, for some women, while for others HRT may pose a health risk.

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Experts estimate that every person carries about 2.000 genetic defects in themselves. A brief introduction to the world of genes, explains in more details how genes control our body and why genetic defects can cause diseases.


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