State of the art equipment

Novogenia uses the latest technologies, in order to ensure the best possible accuracy of the analysis.


Reagents are prepared in UV decontaminated chambers, so their contamination is prevented

Saskia - Laboratory

Saskia is a laboratory assistant with a university degree in Molecular Bio-sciences from the University of Salzburg. She takes care of calibrations, routine and ISO Compliance.

DNA Extraction

The DNA extraction is fully automated. The largest of the five DNA extraction robots can handle almost 200 saliva samples in two hours. The result is high quality pure DNA, which can be further processed.

Daniel - Management

Dr. Daniel Wallerstorfer is biotechnologist and he is the managing director of the laboratory and the group of companies. He is responsible for the scientific supervision and for the product development.

Routine process

A full 384 well plate loaded with 75 customers DNA sample is prepared in a real-time cycle for analysis. The results of the genetic analysis are ready for interpretation 1.5 hours later.

Meeting room

International meetings and product training sessions will be held on webcam and flat screen TV. Difficult medical issues can be effectively discussed.

Liquid handling

Robots carry out pipetting steps, in order to avoid human errors. All reagents and plates are additionally barcoded, to prevent mixing the samples.

Extraction preparation

Cheek swabs are prepared for automated extraction. Nearly 200 samples are extracted in one run. Having five extractors, the total capacity is 100.000 swabs per month.

Eradication slope

The remaining swabs are stored until the analysis is complete. If there is insufficient quantity or quality of the DNA obtained on the first attempt, the process is repeated with the second swab.

Maria - Design

Maria is an industrial designer with a university degree of the FH Joanneum Graz. She is in charge of packaging, design, and ISO compliance. Maria leads a team of six software developers.

Automated processing

Through an automated processing of the queue, the laboratory is operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It can easily perform up to 50,000 analyzes per month.

Sample acceptance

Upon arrival, each sample is provided with a barcode, and the identity of the patient is kept encrypted. The processing is done in the lab with anonymous barcodes.

Daniela and Rene - Laboratory

Daniela is a geneticist responsible for the acceptance pf the samples, DNA extraction, preparation, equipment maintenance and routine processes. Rene is also a geneticist in charge of the routine and the new developments in the field of genetic testing and technology.

Sample receipt

Currently, up to 5000 genetic samples per month are stored in analysis racks for further processing. Depending on the type of the analyses and the quality of the sample, the time from sample receipt to the dispatching of the results is maximum 14 days.

Florian - Laboratory

Florian is a geneticist and managed the routine processes, software developments, scientific research and the establishment of new products and technologies.

Thomas - Laboratory

Thomas is a geneticist and works in the area of routine diagnostics, sample acceptance, analysis and product development.

Genetic tests for prevention of diseases

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Novogenia GmbH

The Novogenia GmbH

The Novogenia GmbH, who is responsible for sample analysis was founded by Dr. Daniel Wallerstorfer in 2009, in Austria, and received in the same year the license for medical genetic testing from the Federal Ministry of Health.



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Medical diagnostic genetic testing

The genetic analysis around DNAnutriControl helps in preventing, early detection and treatment of diseases and can assist you in neutralizing and centralizing congenital disease risks.


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For you and your baby

Preventive health care from the time of family planning up to kindergarten age. Learn about your carrier status of over 170 hereditary disorders and use this information for optimal family planning and preparation.


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Genetikai adottságokon alapuló Anti-aging program

A DNAbeautyControl program célja a genetikai adatok alapján személyre szabott génkozmetikumok és a BeautyMe táplálékkiegészítő, a bőr fiatalságának megőrzésére.


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Lifestyle diagnostic genetic testing

The genetic analysis around DNAnutriControl were specifically developed to slim through healthier nutrition and performance. IgE, IgE analysis and baby analysis are also possible!



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We provide detailed training sessions and certification to our partners and customers, regarding basic genetics and product specific topics. GenoAcademy is currently available in English or German.


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How to collect a sample

How to collect a sample?

Learn about the process of collecting a successful saliva sample for genetic testing.




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What are genes?

How do genes affect our health?

Experts estimate that every person carries about 2.000 genetic defects in themselves. A brief introduction to the world of genes, explains in more details how genes control our body and why genetic defects can cause diseases.


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Highest quality

The Novogenia laboratory is one of the most modern and automated laboratories in Europe, and has numerous certifications and quality assurance systems that meet or exceed international standards.


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Software development

Automation and software development is our specialty!

For this reason, we always have four to eight software developers available to quickly and inexpensively carry out the project ideas. Talk to us about your project, and we will find a solution for you!


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Ments életet!

A fejlődő országokban kilenc percenként meghal egy gyermek a tetanusz elleni védőoltás hiánya miatt! A Novogenia minden ötödik elvégzett génelemzés után egy életmentő tetanusz oltást adományoz az erre rászoruló anyáknak és gyermekeiknek, ezzel megmentve egy életet.


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The NutriControl Portal

It’s easy to plan your diet

Sign up in our free DNAnutriControl Portal, and make you weight loss program easier. The portal will allow you to plan your diet with foods that you like, set your own exercise program, and record your weight loss success.


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